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Training measures for workers' organisations

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Rome [ENA] A new call of the European Commission include measures and initiatives to strengthen the capacity of workers' organisations to address, at EU/transnational level, modifications in employment and work and social dialogue related challenges. Modernisation of the labour market, job creation and job matching, quality of work, anticipation, preparation and management of change and restructuring, digitalisation

of the economy and society, the greening of the economy, flexicurity, skills, intra-EU labour mobility, migration, youth employment, health and safety at work, modernisation of social protection systems, reconciliation of work and family life, gender equality, action in the field of anti-discrimination, active ageing, healthier and longer working lives, active inclusion and decent work. These are the so called: Information and training measures for workers' organisations - VP/2018/002. Actions are also expected to support the priorities and activities of European social dialogue, including those laid down in the work programmes of the EU cross-industry and sectoral social dialogue committees, as well as those that form part

of the June 2016 Statement of the Presidency of the Council, the European Commission and the European social partners on "a new start for social dialogue". In that perspective, particular emphasis is put on reinforcing the involvement of social partners in the European Semester and increasing their contribution to EU policy making. In line with the remarks in the budget of the European Union, budget heading 04 03 01 05 is intended to cover grants for information and training measures for workers' organisations in accordance with Article 154 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

The measures should help workers' organisations to cope with the comprehensive EU employment and social policy challenges as laid down in particular in: the Commission Communication On steps towards Completing Economic and Monetary Union (COM(2015)600); the Commission Communication Establishing a European Pillar of Social Rights (COM(2017)0250); the Annual Growth Survey, the Joint Employment Report and the recommendations addressed to the Member States in the context of the European Semester; the Political Guidelines presented by Jean-Claude Juncker in the Agenda for Jobs, Growth, Fairness and Democratic Change and the Commission Work Programmes.

The budget heading can be employed to finance actions involving representatives of workers' organisations from the Candidate Countries. It is also intended to promote equal participation of women and men in the decision- making bodies of workers' organisations. Measures which contribute to addressing the employment, social and economic challenges as identified in the European Pillar of Social Rights will also be particularly welcome. The total budget earmarked for the EU co-financing of projects under this call is estimated at EUR 4 841 600.

The EU grant requested should indicatively be between EUR 150 000 and EUR 500 000. The Commission reserves the right not to distribute all the funds available. The Commission reserves the right to increase the amount of the funds and distribute them to proposals admitted in the reserve list, if available. The procedure to submit proposals electronically is explained in point 14 of the "Financial Guidelines for Applicants" (Annex I to the call). Before starting, it is crucial to read carefully the SWIM user manual: Once the application form is filled in, applicants must submit it both electronically and in hard copy, before the deadline of 18 May 2018.

The SWIM electronic application form is available until midnight on the day of the submission deadline. Since the applicants must first submit the form electronically, and then print, sign and send it by post service or hand delivery by the submission deadline, it is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the appropriate postal or courier services are locally available on the day of the deadline.

The hard copy of the proposal must be duly signed and sent in 2 copies (one marked “original” and one marked “copy”), including all documents listed in the checklist in section 14, by the deadline (the postmark or the express courier receipt date serving as proof) to the following address: European Commission Not to be opened by Central Mail Service Call for proposals VP/2018/002 DG EMPL/CAD, J-27 – 00/120 B-1049 Brussels Belgium.

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