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Tourism against population decline of rural areas

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Segovia, 03.04.2019, 16:52 Uhr
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Rome/Segovia [ENA] Tourism and innovation offer essential solutions to cope with the population decline of rural areas, as noted in the forum “Confronting the demographic challenge by focusing on tourism and innovation”, which took place in Segovia (Spain) on March 26th with a hundred of participants to study how the tourism sector can help counter this phenomenon. Many developed countries are facing a trend towards urbanization

and with this comes the challenges of depopulation in rural areas and the economic imbalance that goes with it. By bringing together experts from a variety of backgrounds, the objective of the UNWTO Forum has been to open a dialogue on urban migration and create an unprecedented platform to explore solutions for tackling population decline through tourism and innovation. UNWTO wants to bring the opportunities offered by rural areas to the forefront, beyond the challenge of rural depopulation demonstrating the willingness of this UN agency to support the search for solutions based on tourism. The 2030 Agenda commits itself not to leave behind the areas and the rural populations. The tourism sector accounts for 1 in 10 jobs worldwide.

In 2019, UNWTO focused on education, skills enhancement and employment. Quality tourism training and innovation are fundamental to addressing these challenges and ensuring the survival of rural areas. The Head of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, highlighted the work done by UNWTO and advocated for the creation of opportunities in the interior of the country through rural tourism, digitization and new patterns of economic activity. He announced the Government's review of the main points of the National Strategy in the face of the demographic challenge stating that the driving force of the tourism sector plays a key role.

Various personalities from the world of politics, business and culture addressed the challenges associated with declining population in rural areas. In addition, many experts discussed the role of rural tourism as an instrument for revitalizing the socio-economic structure, the sustainability and the territorial rebalancing. Various examples of successful public-private cooperation were analyzed putting in the picture also smart destinations.

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