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European Union passenger rights protection

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Rome [ENA] On summer holiday, it is good to know that there is a European Union passenger rights protection, should anything go wrong while travelling. EU rules ensure a minimum level of protection for passengers, without regard to the mode of transport: flight, train, bus, coach or ship.One thing could disturb even the perfect holiday : getting there. Journeys can be complicated - with unexpected delays, cancellations

and lost luggage. This is why EU introduced rules obliging transport companies to provide travellers with meals, accommodation, reimbursement and compensation if something happens. And transport companies in the EU can no longer charge more for tickets based on nationality and location of the purchase. EU law also guarantees special attention to passengers with reduced mobility who have the right to free assistance services. Air passenger are entitled to up to €600 in compensation if boarding is refused. This maximum amount is intended for long flights exceeding 3,500 kilometres.

Passengers whose flights were cancelled or arrived late may also be entitled to compensation, but with some limitations . In fact, it does not apply to companies which propose an alternative solution or in extraordinary circumstances, such as air traffic management decisions, political instability, adverse weather conditions or security risks. For example EU rules on ship passenger rights usually apply when travel is on most ferries and cruise ships by sea or on inland waterways (rivers, lakes or canals) and if one sails from an EU port, if one sails to an EU port from a port outside the EU, if the service is operated by an EU transport company sail from an EU port on a pleasure/recreational cruise.

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