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1st UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Madrid, 11.12.2018, 08:50 Uhr
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Rome/Madrid [ENA] The transformation of the tourism sector and the promotion of innovation ecosystems through tourism is a ground-breaking initiative created by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in partnership with Globalia, the leading tourism group in Spain and Latin America. The key of the competition is to associate the public and private sectors collaboratively, thus creating chances to share ideas and projects.

The 1st UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition has identified emerging companies as finalists which were selected among 3000 projects from 132 countries: Awake (Colombia), By Hours (Spain), e-bot (Germany), The FreeBird Club (Ireland), Howazit (Israel), Kompas (UK), Pruvo (Israel), Refundit (Israel), Seevoov (Israel), Stay 22 (Canada). The technological platform chosen to manage the competition was YouNoodle, a pioneering Silicon Valley firm that specializes in innovation and entrepreneurship competitions at the global level. The 10 finalists will present their projects within the framework of the Fitur International Tourism Fair (23-27 January 2019, Madrid, Spain) with the presence of global tourism leaders from the public and private sectors

as well as potential investors. Furthermore, following the model applied on World Tourism Day, the winner will have the opportunity to carry out a pilot project with the Globalia Group and the finalists will have access to the leading actors in the world tourism sector. The contest sought innovative startups experienced for renovating the way people travel and experience tourism, while following diligently the principles of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental). Each project’s uniqueness, viability, potential impact, business model and scalability, along with the profile of the team, were the criteria for selecting the 10 finalists.“For the first time, we have positioned tourism in the global innovation agenda,

a well-deserved place that reflects the weight and socio-economic impact of tourism,” said UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili. “We have jointly created this pioneering public-private collaborative model in tourism as a global tourism group and we are delighted to spearhead this action alongside the World Tourism Organization, working together to lead the transformation of the tourism sector and fostering the global innovation ecosystem and its entrepreneurs,” said Globalia CEO Javier Hidalgo.

The finalists are notable for proposing innovative projects that redefine the way people plan trips or live tourism experiences, while promoting sustainability and community participation. All this is related with the application of technology to revolutionize business models and the management of companies in the sector.

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