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The final declaration of next EU summit in Rome

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 22.03.2017, 08:48 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] Sixty years ago in Rome, the foundations were laid for the Europe that we know today, leading to the longest period of peace in written history in Europe. The Treaties of Rome created a common market where people, goods, services and capital can move freely and set up the conditions for prosperity and stability for European citizens. The EU was established with the goal of ending the wars between neighbours.

The frequent and bloody wars between neighbours reached the climax in the Second World War.EU heads of state or government will be in Rome, Italy, on 25 March, for the 60th anniversary of the Rome Treaties. This will be an occasion to consider the state of the European Union and the future of the integration process. The leaders are expected to adopt a declaration setting out a joint vision for the years to come. "The Rome Treaties began a process that has since brought many more countries back to freedom and prosperity again, east and west", said the President of the European Council Donald Franciszek Tusk at the Senate of the Italian Republic on 17 March 2017.

"It has helped us to understand that when Europe is weak, her individual countries will be weak. If Europe is strong, her member states are strong." Negotiations to agree on a text for the final declaration of Saturday's summit in the Italian capital to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome have ended successfully, sources said Tuesday. A compromise has been reached to bring on board the Eastern European countries of the Visegrad Group who are skeptical about the prospect of a multi-speed European Union. Now it will be possible for all of the 27 countries of the EU, Britain excluded, to sign the declaration, the sources said.

Discussing the various scenarios for Europe, the main objective seems to be the strengthening of mutual trust and unity among 27. All 27 leaders seems to agree with this objective. The EU common future has to be tackled with a positive approach from all sides, without any exception. The collective intention is to mark the 60th anniversary with the sense of celebration and sober reflection that it deserves. Today, the European Union is facing unprecedented challenges, both global and domestic: regional conflicts, terrorism, growing migratory pressures, protectionism and social and economic inequalities.

The European Union must show the ability of addressing the challenges of a rapidly changing world offering to its citizens both security and new opportunities.In Rome the EU leaders must show their resolve and willpower to make the EU stronger and more resilient. Today Unity is a necessity, not an option because taken individually, the Member States are sidelined by global dynamics.

Otherwise, standing together is the best chance to influence them, and to defend the common interests and values. There is the need of a safe and secure European Union: a Europe where all citizens feel safe and can move freely, where the external borders are secured and where migration is managed humanely and effectively. A Europe resolved to fight terrorism and organized crime.

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