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The 27 Member States of EU in Rome

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 27.03.2017, 07:53 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] Sixty years ago an extraordinary event started in Rome. The Founding Fathers of the EC put aside the differeces resulting from The WWII. They gave birth to the great project aimed to get peace and welfare to a destroyed Europe. For the first fine in the history a choice was not imposed by the winner. It was a choice the Politicians made listening the desires of peoples victims of a tremendous war.

The Leaders of 27 Member States and of EU institutions, met today in Rome to celebrate the Rome Treaties of 1957. The Leaders declared that the achievements of the European Union and the construction of the European unity are a bold, far-sighted endeavour. Sixty years ago, recovering from the tragedy of two world wars, Europeans decided to bond together and rebuild the continent from its ashes. European Union has today common institutions and strong values, and is a community of peace, freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

Further EU is a major economic power with unparalleled levels of social protection and welfare. European unity started as the dream of a few and became the hope of many: hundreds of millions of people across Europe benefit from living in an enlarged Union that has overcome the old divides. The European Union is facing unprecedented challenges, both global and domestic: regional conflicts, terrorism, growing migratory pressures, protectionism and social and economic inequalities. The 27 Leaders declared to be determined to address the challenges of a rapidly changing world and to offer to their citizens both security and new opportunities.

The new idea coming from Rome is to make the European Union stronger and more resilient, through even greater unity and solidarity amongst the Member States and the respect of common rules. Unity is both a necessity and a free choice. Taken individually, the European nations would be side-lined by global dynamics. Standing together they can try to influence them, and to defend the common interests and values. In the ten years to come the EU has to become a Union that is safe and secure, prosperous, competitive, sustainable and socially responsible, and with the will and capacity of playing a key role in the world and of shaping globalisation.

The commitment of Rome can be resumed in the following points: 1. A prosperous and sustainable Europe: a Union which creates growth and jobs; a Union where a strong, connected and developing Single Market, embracing technological transformation, and a stable and further strengthened single currency open avenues for growth, cohesion, competitiveness, innovation and exchange, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises; a Union promoting sustained and sustainable growth, through investment, structural reforms and working towards completing the Economic and Monetary Union; a Union where economies converge; a Union where energy is secure and affordable and the environment clean and safe.

2.A social Europe: a Union which, based on sustainable growth, promotes economic and social progress as well as cohesion and convergence, while upholding the integrity of the internal market; a Union taking into account the diversity of national systems and the key role of social partners; a Union which promotes equality between women and men as well as rights and equal opportunities for all; a Union which fights unemployment, discrimination, social exclusion and poverty; a Union where young people receive the best education and training and can study and find jobs across the continent; a Union which preserves its heritage promoting cultural diversity.

3.A stronger Europe on the global scene: a Union further developing existing partnerships, building new ones and promoting stability and prosperity in its immediate neighbourhood to the east and south, but also in the Middle East and across Africa and globally; a Union ready to take more responsibilities and to assist in creating a more competitive and integrated defence industry; a Union committed to strengthening its common security and defence, also in cooperation and complementarity with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, taking into account national circumstances and legal commitments; a Union engaged in the United Nations and standing for a rules-based multilateral system, proud of its values and protective of its people.

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