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Reform and modernization of chinese armed forces

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome , 12.07.2018, 14:41 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] The vast plan of reform and modernization of the armed forces launched by the Chinese president Xi Jinping aims at a shift from the traditional land-based orientation to maritime influence of Chinese army to project the defense of national interests "into a new era". There are no more doubts concerning the absolute loyalty of the Armed Forces to the "central leadership" of President Xi and to its adherence to

the political philosophy of the president, that of a "Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era" which has become an integral part of the Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party. China wants to reorganize the military command and control system from a four-level structure to a simpler one, to a sort of three hierarchical orders of the strategic doctrine. China is committed to peaceful development and will not create chaos in the world, but according to Chinese leadership on issues related to its sovereignty, it will not give up "not even an inch" of its territory: Chinese President Xi Jinping said it during one of the recent meetings with the US Defense Secretary James Mattis.

In response to Chinese expansionism in the South China Sea, Washington has not invited Beijing to take part in the Rim of the Pacific (Rimpac) military maneuvers. And another source of irritation has been the US action with Taiwan, which Beijing considers its province.Earlier this year, in fact, the United States passed a law allowing the exchange of senior officials with Taiwan. In view of Mattis' visit, Chinese media reported that Chinese warships held daily military maneuvers for more than a week in the waters near Taiwan. However, both Chinese analysts and state media marked the Pentagon chief's visit as a sign that both countries were willing to agree with the disputes.

In this scenario the next China-EU summit to be held in Beijing on July 16-17 will be used by leaders of the two sides to send a further strong message to the United States. China and the EU share the same commitment to act against Trump’s protectionist measures and are in favor of an open, fair trading system. Beijing and Brussels want to join forces to respond to the United States and thus partially undermining the benefits that the Trump administration hopes to reap from imposing punitive tariffs.

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