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President Macron is set to arrive in Rome

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Rome [ENA] Last November in spite of France’s secularist history since the Revolution of 1789 President Macron received the title of “First and Only Honorary Canon of the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran”. In receiving this title, Macron, elected as president in May, renews a centuries-old tradition begun in 1482 with French King Louis XI.The tradition was reintroduced in 1604 when King Henry IV, having rejected Protestantism,

donated the Benedictine Abbey in Clairac along with its income, to the pope’s basilica. As a token of its gratitude, the Lateran chapter created the canonical title to be bequeathed to the leader of France. While honorary, the title does give the French president the right to give the apostolic nuncio in Paris his biretta (red square cap with three or four peaks or horns) when he is made a cardinal. Today French President Emmanuel Macron is set to arrive again in Rome for talks on a "Quirinal Treaty" on bilateral relations with Italy on the model of the treaty France signed with Germany in 1963, Élysée Palace sources declared.

The Meeting Gentiloni-Macron will take place on the sidelines of the visit of the heads of seven southern European states gathering in Rome today to face one of the most persistent thorns in the EU's side: flows of migrants from war-torn and impoverished countries. The leaders of Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain will meet in the Italian capital for a short meeting at 7 pm (1800 GMT), followed by a joint press conference and a working dinner.Italian Premier Paolo Gentiloni, on the other side, is working with Macron on the treaty, which will seek to guarantee that the two countries organize their efforts "in a systematic way".

The two leaders have given a working group the task of drafting the treaty, which will be named after the Quirinal Palace, the residence of the Italian President, according to Italian sources. The text will be focused on bilateral relations but will also have a strong European orientation in order to play an important role for the renewal of the European Union. With France also facing a record increase in asylum applications, the migration issue is also likely to be a crucial one at the bilateral meeting between President Emmanuel Macron and Italy's Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

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