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OSCE Ministerial Council in Milan

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Milan, 09.12.2018, 21:37 Uhr
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Rome/Milan [ENA] In MILAN, Italy, on 7 December 2018,OSCE Ministerial Council concluded with decisions in OSCE’s politico-military, economic and environmental, and human dimensions. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe works for stability, prosperity and democracy in 57 states through political dialogue about shared values and through practical work that makes a lasting difference. During the Ministerial Council

it was agreed that Albania will chair the OSCE in 2020.In the economic and environmental area, a declaration recognizing the digital economy as a driver for co-operation, security and growth has been approved together with a crucial decision on how to develop human capital in the digital era. The decision on enhancing the safety of journalists became the first decision to be adopted by states in the human dimension since 2014.

A series of cross-dimensional issues were afforded and decided. There was an official declaration on boosting security and co-operation in the Mediterranean with connected decisions on preventing and tackling violence against women, on countering the trafficking of children, particularly unaccompanied minors. An important declaration recognized the contribution of youth to peace and security efforts. There was also a declaration supporting the continuity of progress in the negotiations on the Transdniestrian Settlement Process in the ‘5+2’ Format. In the politico-military dimension, states agreed to further supporting the OSCE’s work concerning the threat posed by small arms and light weapons and stockpiles of conventional ammunition.

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