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More synergies in defence for the European Union

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 20.06.2018, 08:48 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] In a World where more and more local politics and conflict resolution depend on the great strategic rivalries, the European Union has to strengthen and speed up the European Defence Union with a view to creating more synergies in defence spending. In fact more defence cooperation at EU level reinforces the European contribution within the NATO alliance and sustains the transatlantic bond.

It is time for EU to unleash the full potential of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) as laid down in the Lisbon Treaty with a view to creating much more synergies and efficiencies in defence spending, research, development, procurement, maintenance and training between Member States. More defence cooperation at EU level strengthens the European contribution to peace, security and stability regionally and internationally and thereby improves also objectives of NATO alliance.

Building capacities in the field of defence, ensures the strategic autonomy of the EU in defence and security, as called for in the Global Strategy for the European Union's Foreign and Security Policy of 2016 and statements by European leaders, such as the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. It is crucial to expand efforts of common European Defence Research in close cooperation with non-EU members of NATO and also to support the first projects agreed under PESCO, such as military mobility. PESCO is of common interest to both the EU and NATO and should be a driver for further cooperation between the two organizations in capabilities development, as with regards to military mobility.

After Brexit, the EU will be deprived of its second-largest defence spender and 80% of NATO’s defence spending will be non-EU. EU and the USA have to base their cooperation in the area of the combating of cybercrime on principles in line with the rule of law, to formally renounce the use of 'aggressive tactics' in this area and to guarantee comprehensive parliamentary scrutiny of the services involved. Enhanced cooperation and information fusion are vital in the area of cyber security and cyber defence and the EU and the US have to facilitate EU-NATO intelligence sharing efforts, cybersecurity and defence, specifically through specialized agencies and task forces such as the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security

(ENISA), Europol, Interpol. Future structures of PESCO and EDF (European Defence Fund), expressly set up to counter cyber-attacks have to improve efforts in order to develop a comprehensive and transparent international framework with minimum standards for cyber-security policies. And that while upholding fundamental liberties. Working together to establish norms for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace is another fundamental step . ICT-security and the strengthening of safety efforts to protect critical infrastructure include advancing common standards and stimulating compatibility and interoperability.

The growing significance of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning requires enhanced EU-US cooperation and measures should be taken to advance cooperation among US and European tech companies in order to ensure partnering on development and its best use. Last but not least, one has to underline the importance of achieving quantum computing capabilities and to enhance EU-US cooperation in this area to ensure that quantum computing is first realized among partners sharing warm relations and supporting objectives.

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