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The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law Online

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Rome [ENA] The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law Online will be published in 2019 by the academic publisher Brill. This dictionary online includes two sets: one in traditional Chinese with English and French translations and the other in simplified Chinese with English and French translations. The print edition of the dictionary is in traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese respectively. In a time when many companies

work with the People Republic of China and trade is more and more large, there is also the responsibility of translating and interpreting Chinese legal and regulatory texts. This dictionary provides an extremely helpful tool and it is recommended to scholars and practitioners of Chinese law. The Ricci Dictionary of Chinese Law (Chinese-English, French), developed by the Ricci Association since 2006, is the very first trilingual dictionary on Chinese law. The dictionary includes approximately 24,000 legal terms in Chinese (legal terms per se as well as terms which are often used in a legal context), as well as English and French translations of these terms. A team of around 40 French, Chinese and English-speaking lawyers, scholars,

law students and proofreaders contributed to the dictionary under the supervision and guidance of the Ricci Association. The dictionary focuses on "Chinese law," i.e. legal terms used by legal professionals working on Chinese legal documents. For the Editors of the dictionary, law includes "actual" law (i.e., instruments and decisions of governmental authorities and courts which are legally enforceable against anyone falling in their scope), "past" law (i.e., laws that were "actual" some time ago but are not anymore) as well as law as a subject of theoretical discussion and an academic discipline. The dictionary includes 20 branches, including Ancient Law, Administrative Law, Admiralty Law, Banking and Financial Law, Civil Law,

Commercial Law, Company Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Institutions, Insurance Law, International Private Law, International Public Law, International Trade Law, IP Law, Jurisprudence, Labour Law, Procedure, and Tax Law. The terms included in the branches of international element (e.g., International Private Law, International Public Law and International Trade Law) can generally be characterized as relating to actual law or law as an academic discipline.

The dictionary is particularly precious for lawyers in English and French speaking countries working with/on PRC (People’s Republic of China) legal documents in Chinese, Chinese lawyers and Chinese students and professional translators. However the dictionary is also useful for academics working with PRC legal documents in Chinese in the fields of Chinese studies, legal studies and comparative social science studies and journalists commenting on Chinese legal issues.

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