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The eighth edition of the Nordic Film Fest in Rome

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Rome [ENA] The eighth edition of the Nordic Film Fest will take place in Rome from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 May. The exhibition, which was born with the purpose of promoting the cinematography and culture of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), and organized by the four Nordic embassies present in Italy and with the collaboration of the Scandinavian Circle in Rome, will take place at the

Casa del Cinema in Rome. The Nordic Film Fest will present new films in preview in Italy and is also produced in collaboration with the Embassy of Iceland in Paris, the Film Institutes of the scandinavian countries and under the patronage of the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region . The theme of this year's exhibition will be "Borders / Borders", not only in a geographical sense but also between "worlds", different ways of being and thinking.

The Nordic Film Fest 2019 will be officially opened with the presence of the actress Alba August and the producer Lars G. Lindström, who present the biographical film "Becoming Astrid", on the life of Astrid Lindgren, one of the most important writers of children's literature of the twentieth century, author of the best seller "Pippi Longstocking". The film tells of a young Astrid who decides to break the rigid rules of early 20th century society and follow her heart.

The film received 7 nominations for the Guldbagge Awards (the most important film award released in Sweden), including the nomination for the best film and best actress. The event with movies in the original language, with subtitles in Italian or English is free and the program includes presentations and meetings with international guests (directors, actors, producers, screenwriters).

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