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Sakit Mammadov, a world-famous artist from Azerbaijian

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Rome [ENA] Today Sakit Mammadov is a world-famous artist. He was born on 5th August, 1958 in Neftchala (Neftchala Rayon of Azerbaijan) and in 1978 graduated with honors from the Azerbaijan State Art School named after “A. Azimzadeh”. In 1978-1980 he served in the military. In 1981, he enrolled at the Painting department of the Leningrad Academy of Art and in 1987 graduated from it with honors. He masters Russian and Turkish.

Sakit Mammadov engaged in artistic creativity activity for more than 30 years and he took part in exhibitions held at the world's most prestigious art halls and galleries. Since 1988 he is a member of Azerbaijan Artists Union. This artist represents a brilliant model of the emerging generation of talented artists of the 80s. Mammadov has created a new style and the artistic school of Opalism. Opalism word’s etymology was taken from the opal stone. The word 'opal' is adapted from the Greek opallios and Latin term opalus, (striking appearance) but the origin of this word continues to be a matter of debate.

Those who are familiar with the work of Sakit Mamedov know that he often "dress" his heroes in clothes of his own imagination. It is possible to see the trend of Opalism in these pictures representing clothes. And it is important to note that some of the artist's leitmotif cannot be related to a particular topic. The artist has the ability to observe what happens in a multidimensional way and doesn’t show the thoughts of his characters, but it is possible to see clearly what they think. A prominent Russian critic Andrei Bozhenov declared "Sakit Mammadov's hand looks like a Renaissance artist's hands”.

Sakit Mammadov’s warm color pattern of opal has won great admiration because in the works of this artist one can see that opal has a very noble place. It is no coincidence that almost in all his works the colors of this wonderful stone is found. However, the artist tried to prove that nobody had invented a new prototype other than those gifted to the nature by the God. However, the opal is emerged in the works created by the artist with gently drawing dresses, head dresses, women's jewelry and other belongings. So, opal emerges with a new form in paintings created by the artist. However, the good mood and healing nature created by the stone is felt in the pictures.

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