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Liu Bolin. Visible/invisible

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Milan , 21.04.2019, 22:21 Uhr
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Rome/Milan [ENA] From 15 May 2019 till 15 September 2019 an Exhibition of the photographic works by the Chinese artist Liu Bolin will take place in Milan.“Visible Invisible” is an exhibition specially designed for the exhibition spaces of the MUDEC (Museo delle Culture in Milan) promoted by the Municipality of Milano-Cultura, MUDEC and produced by 24 ORE Cultura, in collaboration with the Boxart Gallery.

MUDEC PHOTO hosts the second photographic exhibition since its opening and has entrusted the Chinese artist and performer Liu Bolin with the task of giving an account of his art in person, with a performance, one month before the opening of the exhibition, explicitly designed for the MUDEC which has, as a background, the iconic pieces of its permanent collection, and especially with the exhibition “Visible Invisible”. Emblematic places, social issues, known and secret cultural identities: Liu Bolin endorses the poetics of hiding to become thing among things, to show that all the places, all the objects, even the smallest ones, have a typical soul and in which one can blend, vanish, identify himself into the Whole:

a philosophy born in the East, which has conquered the entire world, especially the Western one. Contradictions between past and present, between power exercised and power endured; it is the opposite and complementary interpretation of the nature of things, documented by the images of Liu Bolin. Liu Bolin's photographs have different levels of interpretation, besides their expressive immediacy: denunciation, critical reflections or maybe political and social protest.

Behind the photographic shot there is the artist's study, installation, painting, performance: a realization process that can also last days, to show how an artistic photographic image is never the fruit of chance, but the synthesis of a creative process consisting of many different and connected parts, which reveals the artist's conscience and his deep knowledge of reality in all its complexity.

It is an interpretation of the photographic performance that the MUDEC PHOTO space fully agrees to, thus not limiting itself to hosting only the regular photographic exhibitions, but expanding its view to include also the world of photography “before the shot”. A universe of preparatory exploration is itself an artistic performance, an emotional involvement, waiting for the perfect moment, intimate concentration and team work: and the shot is only the last of a series of related events.

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