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Combining creativity in culture with technology

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome, 13.12.2018, 09:48 Uhr
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Rome [ENA] Europe's capacity to compete in the global market will depend on its capacity to convert scientific and technological knowledge into groundbreaking products and services. Still more, Europe’s attractiveness for citizens will hinge on how cities and regions can shape an inspiring milieu for their citizens and businesses that offers new chances for all. Combining European creativity in culture and the arts

with its lead in science and technology EU’s industrial competiveness and its innovation performance can be boosted. The 2015 Latvian Presidency conclusions on ‘crossovers from culture to businesses' invited the European institutions to take into account developing collaboration between arts and technology for an all-embracing evaluation of opportunities in the digital age. The Commission - DG Connect - has reacted by launching the S+T+ARTS == STARTS programme - innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology and the ARTS in their H2020 program.

STARTS is promoting innovation for industry and society with the arts as a promoter for unconventional thinking about and utilization of technology. STARTS should broaden beyond its industry focus and extend it from pure industrial settings to regional and urban development where the digital plays today a prominent role and where a joint effort of art and digital technologies could help create an environment for flourishing and prosperous cities.The transformation of society by digital technologies is opening new opportunities for cooperation across disciplines and sectors. Especially, for a partnership between digital technology and creativity in the arts involving crafts, design or fashion.

New digital media - like augmented reality or social media - smart cities technologies, smart materials (like wearables or bio-inspired materials), Artificial Intelligence, data science, or 3D printing should join forces with artistic practices to transform European cities and regions, culturally, socially, and economically. Such collaboration will help enhance social inclusion creating new businesses opportunities and pushing for sustainable development or reviving urban centres. In order to allow cross-overs between technology and creative sectors, there is the necessity of local art-technology centres as facilitators that combine all players: artists, technology, industry, businesses, creatives from all sectors.

Fostering and framing (on an institutional, policy and funding level) such centres should be the core goal of the European Union. There is already a number of regions and cities that endeavor to have art and technology jointly work on activities that allow development of urban infrastructures, both social and business related. It’s crucial to create a Europe-wide network of concurring cities/regions considering synergies between the arts and digital technologies to boost local business and to enhance social cohesion.

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