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Leonardo da Vinci's Adoration of the Magi

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome/Florence, 28.03.2017, 12:13 Uhr
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Rome/Florence [ENA] The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is one of the most famous museums of paintings and sculpture in the world whose Managing Director is the german Eike SCHMIDT. Its collection of Primitive and Renaissance paintings comprises several universally acclaimed masterpieces of all time, including works by Giotto, Simone Martini, Piero della Francesca, Fra Angelico, Filippo Lippi, Botticelli, Mantegna, Leonardo da Vinci.

The Uffizi Gallery occupies the top floor of the large building erected by Giorgio Vasari between 1560 and 1580 to house the administrative offices of the Tuscan State. Leonardo da Vinci's Adoration of the Magi has recovered much of its original colouring after a meticulous restoration. The work of art has returned to Florence's Uffizi Gallery after being taken to the Opificio Delle Pietre Dure institute for restoration in 2011 due to serious degenerating of the surface.

The painting is the star of an exceptional exhibition opening from today 28th of March till 24th of September after the restoration carried out with the help of the financial support of the Amici degli Uffizi (Friends of the Uffizi) association. The panel was specially made for the Augustinian Friars of the church of San Donato in Scopeto in 1481. Leonardo left it incomplete after moving to Milan in 1482, inducing the friars to ask Filippino Lippi to create another altarpiece on the same subject.

That work was fulfilled in 1496. Leonardo's painting, the biggest survivor panel of the master (246 x 243 cm), was sheltered at the Benci family's properties in Florence for some time before joining the Medici collections. Its restoration, in addition to having solved some problems of conservation, has made it possible to recover surprising tones and its full readability, with fascinating details that open up new scenarios on its complex iconographic importance. With the Adoration of the Magi by Leonardo, the version performed in 1496 by Filippino Lippi is also exhibited. It is an incomparable dialogue that highlights the differences between the two masters and their different interpretation of the same subject.

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