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The European Union climate policy

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome , 15.07.2019, 11:10 Uhr

Rome [ENA] The European Union is pursuing a dynamic climate policy and has integrated an important amount of renewable technologies, such as solar and wind, into the existing energy system. These efforts have been successful and continuing along this path and increasing renewables and improving energy efficiency would not require substantial policy shifts. But the European Union now needs a much deeper energy transformation   [Full story...]

Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism

Verantwortlicher Autor: Carlo Marino Rome , 14.07.2019, 17:24 Uhr

Rome [ENA] On 20 June 2019 Volume Two of Brill's Encyclopedia of Buddhism Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 2 South Asia, has been published. Brill is the international scholarly publisher and this volume is particularly interesting for all those concerned with religions in South Asia, the history of Buddhism, as well as Indologists and historians of religions. Volume One edited by Jonathan A. Silk, Leiden University as   [Full story...]

10.07.2019 21:45 Uhr Joint Declaration on Challenges to Freedom of Expression
09.07.2019 22:36 Uhr Tourism and the global sustainable development
08.07.2019 13:11 Uhr Geneva International Discussions (GID)
07.07.2019 22:11 Uhr The Role of Parliaments in Sustainable Development
05.07.2019 23:29 Uhr Osce Representative on Freedom of the Media report
03.07.2019 10:16 Uhr OSCE Press Statement after meeting of TCG
29.06.2019 18:04 Uhr OSCE Minsk Group visited Vienna and Bratislava
28.06.2019 11:45 Uhr Redefining Europe’s economic sovereignty
27.06.2019 09:55 Uhr A new edition by Ammianus Marcellinus' Res Gestae
21.06.2019 08:14 Uhr Strengthening Comprehensive Security in the OSCE Area
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